Currently, we offer one workshop “Sales and Account Management Mastery Program” for the all-around “Revamping, Reinvigorating, and “Raw Talent Extraction” of your sales team.” This program is geared specifically towards mid to large size companies, who have seen a drop-off in sales and/or are unhappy with their current state of production. The workshop will be held at your place of business over the course of one week (5 business days) and is designed as a “MASSIVE SHAKEUP” for your current state of affairs.

The following items below will be key aspects to the success of this program:


Sales and Account Management Mastery Program – Business Workshop



1.      Finding the right ponds to fish in

2.      Basic Structure & Approach (Open to Close)

3.      Vocal Exercises

4.      Vocal Inflection, Timing, and Tempo (Minor subtleties that can make the difference between a sale or not a sale)

5.      Getting in State (How to ignite your top tier emotional state consistently and reliably every time you are on a call.

6.      The art of gab (freestyle / off-the-cuff improvisation)

7.      Circling for the close (Strategies for closing the deal and getting MIH)

8.      Role-Play

9.      Real-time calls / critiques & reviews

10.  Q&A



1.      Turning 1 test/deal into a long and prosperous client/vendor relationship (How to build rapport, comfort, and confidence with your client)

2.      Handling “Hairy” situations and coming out stronger

3.      Monetizing – art of the upsell

4.      Promoting word of mouth and referral based business by taking the “Giver” selfless approach.

5.      Role-play

6.      Real time calls / critiques & reviews

7.      Q&A

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