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At Furman Transformation, consulting is the bedrock of our business model.  We strive to offer our consulting services with the value of a top-tier firm, yet the convenience and personalization of a boutique agency.


We know that whether you are a small, medium, or large sized business, that there is ALWAYS room for improvement. We also know that regardless of your skill level, there is always room for straightforward, blunt, and no-nonsense objective advice.


Ergo we offer our consulting services with the following mission:

We commit to be your coach through the good and the bad, the ups and the downs. We go above and BEYOND to fully understand and work in unison with your master plan. And we vow to deliver the highest quality consultation possible, as you become a major force and irrefutable player in your industry.



Below, are just a few of the common themes that you can expect to be discussed every month:





  1. GOALS: What are the goals of your sales team? Are they being met? If not, what actions are being taken to accomplish this?
  2. VISION: Do all of your sales people share in the excitement of and have a clear vision for what your product or service is?
  3. METHOD: What “Method” or training do you impart to your sales people?
  4. DIFFERENTIATORS: What are the core differentiators of your product and how are you effectively communicating this to your customers? Are they getting the message? If not, where is it “breaking down”?
  5. REVIEW OF SALES MATERIALS – Scripts, Training Materials, etc.
  6. TEAM SPIRIT & COMPETITIVE ATMOSPHERE: Are your sales people happy where they are? Are they excited to come to work every day? Are you fostering a HEALTHY competitive environment? How are you doing so?
  7. INCENTIVIZATION: Are you incentivizing your sales-people? How are you doing it? (there is more than one way to skin a cat). Is morale up, or is it all “Doom and Gloom”? **This can be one of your most powerful tools in keeping and growing a happy, productive sales force.**
  8. TEAM STATUS: What is the status of your talent (your sales team)? Are you happy with them? If not, what are you doing to fix this? If it can’t be fixed, what is your strategy for cleaning house and new hires? How are you selecting new hires?
  9. EVENTS: What types of events / trade-shows / and networking events are you attending? Are they best suited to your needs, and the needs of your company, or are they ultimately a drain on your wallet?
  10. OUT-OF-THE-BOX: What Out-of-the-box thinking techniques are you exercising, and how are you bringing your company’s sales into the 21st century?
  11. HOUSEKEEPING: Your questions / concerns / and aspirations addressed



  1. GOALS: What are the goals for the totality of your marketing efforts? Are they being met? If not, what actions are being taken to accomplish this.
  2. STRATEGIES: What marketing strategies are you currently employing? Digital, Traditional, both? What types specifically? Where are you seeing success? How are you measuring success?
  5. SPENDS: What are your spends? Are you optimizing for costs? Are you optimizing for lead quality?
  6. OPTIMIZATION: Does your landing page lend itself to “well converting leads”? Or does it send the customer through a wild goose chase?
  7. ANALYTICS: Are you making use of Google Analytics or any other tracking platforms? How do your customers behave? Which pages are they spending the most time on? What are the demographics of your typical viewer (browser, gender, location, etc.)
  8. CONVERSIONS: When inbound leads come in, are they being converted into MIH?
  9. ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT: Are you doing all that you believe you can to affect the change you want to see?
  10. HOUSEKEEPING: Your questions / concerns / and aspirations addressed.



  1. GOALS: What is the 1 year, 5 year and 10 year plan for your business?
  2. VISION: Do all employees in your company understand and share in the excitement of your vision? Or is it murky?
  3. TEAM SPIRIT: Are your people happy? Are your people motivated?
  4. DAY TO DAY: Do your actions align with your goals?
  5. BREAK-DOWN: Breaking down every aspect of your business from MICRO to MACRO
  6. PRODUCT ROLLOUTS: What is your process for product rollouts? Are you running preliminary R&D? How are you positioning your products? How does this integrate with your sales and marketing structures?
  7. COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS: Are you doing competitive analysis?
  8. SPLIT TESTING: Are you running A/B and A/B/C tests on your processes?
  9. EFFICIENCY: Are your processes streamlined? Are they as efficient as they could be?
  10. QC: Are you running quality control?
  11. REVENUE: Is your revenue consistent or volatile? What can you do affect change here?
  12. ADAPTATION: What are you doing to bring your business into the 21st century? And how are you aligning yourself with new emerging technologies?
  13. LEVERAGING & FACILITATING RELATIONSHIPS: Are you actively seeking new vendors? Are you actively seeking new business? Do you know the ins and outs of what you are looking for? Are you actively negotiating?
  14. HOUSEKEEPING: Your questions / concerns/ and aspirations addressed.


For more information on our business consulting services, please give us a call 561.571.0638. We are excited to hear from you!



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