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About Us

What if everything you thought you knew about Sales, Marketing, and Growth was wrong? In a world of canned lines, cheap tricks, and easy shortcuts it can sometimes be hard to see the RAW truth, even if it were to stare you in the face. After studying some of the top sales and marketing teams from Oracle to Sysco, and putting these practices into play, we have crafted the newest form of growth consulting based not on "emulation," but by taking the raw talent, raw attributes, and raw value of any company -- and systematically transforming them into the most polished, unique, and powerful version of themselves.


Welcome, to the Furman Transformation.


We commit to be your coach through the good and the bad, the ups and the downs. We go above and BEYOND to fully understand and work in unison with your master plan. And we vow to deliver the highest quality consultation possible, as you become a major force and irrefutable player in your industry.


To align companies with the skills they need to become a major force in the 21st century.


Services Offered

Business Consulting

Our Business Consulting Services cover what we believe to be the three core arenas of business development: Sales, Marketing, and Growth. We carefully devote time to each of these individually as well fostering a healthy integration of all, resulting in one cohesive unit more powerful than the sum of it's parts.

Hands-On Workshops

Only so much can be taught through consulting. If your company is ready for the next step, and in need of a "MASSIVE SHAKEUP", this may be the solution for you.


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11420 Fortune Circle, Wellington Fl 33414 Suite I16 & I17

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